Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos get delivered?

400~ photos. Sometimes more! Every wedding is different, so it always varies. But we don’t get skimpy on the pictures we edit. You’ll have more than enough to post on instagram over the first year of marriage.


How long until I get the photos?

Please allow up to 8 weeks for final photos, but it’s really closer to 6. However we know it’s an important moment for the instagram, so I will provide previews of the best images within 7 days.

Do you travel?

Oh yes! We’ve traveled all over to shoot events and weddings. The more adventurous the better!

What won’t you do?

Honestly, if it sounds like a great idea, I’ll want to shoot it!

How big is too big of a wedding?

We’ve done it all! From 4 peoples, to 204 people. Let me know how many guests you are planning, and we can plan in advance.

I’m nervous in front of the camera, now what?

We get it. It’s a huge day, all eyes on you, there are no do-overs, and it’s all being documented on camera. But don’t fear, we are the most lovable, charming and vibiest couple to be around.

You will be comfortable in front of the camera in the first 15 minutes. We make a point of this because the candid moments are the most special ones to us, and we want your pictures to look effortless, organic and beautiful.


Are you the only photographer?

Fortunately I’m married to an award winning Art Director, Sam Canvin. He comes with me to every wedding so we are able to capture every important moment, and have a skilled eye compose all the important scenes.

For the bigger weddings, we sometimes even bring in a third photography.

How do we find out if we’re good for eachother?

We start by having a consultation over facetime, so we get to enjoy eachothers smiling faces. At this point we can ask all the right questions, and give all the right answers.

Do you do more than weddings?

Absolutely! Not only do I shoot great weddings, but I shoot couple sessions, engagement photos and elopements.

Will you do a walkthrough?

If it sounds really crazy, or it’s a big day that’s planned down to the minute. We will visit the venue and do a walkthrough so that we, and you can be as comfortable as possible on the big day.

You sound great, now what?!

Reachout in any way that’s most comfortable for you!

Text me: (480) 234-1239

Email me: bronsonfarr@gmail.com

DM me: @bronson.photo

Or just fill in the form below on our contact page.